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Jazz & Culture

Jazz and Culture is an annual publication devoted to publishing cutting-edge research on jazz from multiple perspectives.

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Journal of Aesthetic Education

The Journal of Aesthetic Education (JAE) is a highly respected interdisciplinary journal that focuses on clarifying the issues of aesthetic education understood in its most extensive meaning. The journal thus welcomes articles on philosophical aesthetics and education, to problem areas in education critical to arts and humanities at all institutional levels; to an understanding of the aesthetic import of the new communications media and environmental aesthetics; and to an understanding of the aesthetic character of humanistic disciplines. The journal is a valuable resource not only to educators, but also to philosophers, art critics and art historians.

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Journal of American Folklore

Journal of American Folklore, the quarterly journal of the American Folklore Society since the Society's founding in 1888, publishes scholarly articles, essays, notes, and commentaries directed to a wide audience, as well as separate sections devoted to reviews of books, exhibitions and events, sound recordings, film and videotapes, and to obituaries.

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Journal of Olympic Studies

The Journal of Olympic Studies is the official publication of the Center for Sociocultural Sport and Olympic Research (CSSOR), and aspires to be the preeminent international multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed scholarly journal in the field of Olympic research. The Journal publishes high quality academic work on the Olympic Movement, in all of its forms, from scholars in the fields of history, philosophy, communication, ancient and modern languages, literature, visual and performing arts, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, economics, marketing, and law.

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